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    Diversified application

    Hualian takes powder metallurgy production technology as the core and pursues continuous process innovation. Maintain diversification in the field of application products to meet the customized needs of customers. The products mainly include commercial vehicle auto adjusting arm accessories, brake system, engine valve system accessories, motorcycle accessories, electric tools and garden machinery accessories.


    Excellent equipment and facilities is the foundation of the comprehensive strength of enterprises, only first-class equipment can produce first-class products. In more than 20 years of diversified manufacturing experience, the company has the ability of continuous process improvement and innovation. Up to now, it has realized the control of the manufacturing process and process of the whole series of products. The company has set up five major workshops, including mold, pressing, sintering, machining and packaging, all of which are equipped with first-line brand equipment at home and abroad.

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    Applicable car brand

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